On-going Projects


Our projects in the health field range from small interventions (purchase of medical material, support for the reintegration of alternative medicine, targeted help for serious cases that are reported to us), to the construction of entire hospitals.

We also participate in the annual maintenance of institutions for disabled children and mentally retarded women.

We are active with projects and initiatives in the following areas:

  Delivery rooms
  Medical fields
  Alternative medicine
  Surgical interventions
  Support for the disabled


Often the food that children receive at the canteen of kindergartens and schools is the main meal of the day, and rice and alone are not enough to guarantee proper nutrition: in these cases we intervene by offering an integration of proteins and vitamins.

We also try as far as we can to intervene where serious nutritional problems are reported to us.

We are active with projects and initiatives in the following areas:

•  Canteens schools and monasteries
•  Biological agriculture
•  Nutritional centers for twins
•  Nutritional program for tuberculosis patients


Education is perhaps the best way to get out of poverty, for this reason we are committed to sponsorships so that children can attend school and we offer scholarships to the most deserving and needy.

Furthermore, our action is aimed at the after-school courses supported in various parts of the world by the Missionarie dell’Immacolata, offering them a contribution both for the construction of the premises and for the maintenance of the children who are thus removed from the street. We also offer important help to pay teachers’ salaries.

We are active with projects and initiatives in the following areas:

•  Scholarships
•  Sponsorship
•  Professional training
•  Support for teachers
•  Support to schools


Our contribution to the social sector includes small, medium and large projects: purchase of small material such as mattresses, uniforms, clothes, shoes, prayer cushions, washing machines and computers; purchase of more important equipment such as generators, jeeps, minibuses for student transport, tractors for transporting rubbish and for working in the fields and a threshing machine; up to more demanding interventions such as the renovation of an artisan centre, the construction of a tailoring workshop, the construction of water purification plants.

We also committed ourselves to setting up an emergency fund capable of saving many desperate situations (serious illnesses, sudden droughts, house collapses, etc.).

We are active with projects and initiatives in the following areas:

  Project houses
  Hospice support
  Emergency fund
  Sport and leisure development
  Promotion of professional activities
  Support through rental housing

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