India – Scholarships

As a result of a legacy, we were bequeathed a sum of...
money that enabled us to provide scholarships for an initial group of 60 female Tibetan students who were thus able to go to college. These young women were carefully selected based on their achievements at school as well as on their financial and family situations and all of them finished their studies.
Given the huge success of these first scholarships, thanks to the trust Nel Nome della Donna (In the name of the Woman), we were able to start a new project that will allow 50 young Tibetan girls to go to college and obtain a higher grade diploma, and for another two to enrol at the Faculty of Medicine, which in India is extremely expensive.
In 2022, this programme also came to an end, but the generosity and foresight of our member Marie Christine de Werra ensured that she dedicated a testamentary bequest to the Association, thanks to which it was possible to finance a further five years of studies for Tibetan schoolgirls.
Furthermore, in cooperation with the Sisters of the Destitute we finance studies for handicapped girls, who want to continue their studies at college or with professional training once they leave the Jeevan Dhara Insitute. At present 12 girls are involved plus a deaf and dumb girl who has to go to a special school.

Brazil – Education, sport and leisure time

At Macapà, in Brazil, we cooperate with the...
Amici delle Missionarie dell’Immacolata (Friends of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate). The local parish runs 5 nursery schools in various poor areas on the outskirts of Macapà and is concerned with education; our aid is aimed at buying food for the children’s meals, as well as maintenance of the Maria Immacolata nursery school building.

Bangladesh – Contribution to the School

This project is being carried out in cooperation with...

Amici delle Missionarie dell’Immacolata (Friends of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate).
The school, run by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, admits children, mostly from tribal areas, with courses from 1st to 8th class, and is currently attended by 250 children. In 2016 our contribution served to build new classrooms, by raising the building by one floor, so that it was possible to have courses for 7th and 8th classes, as foreseen by State regulations. In 2018 laboratory equipment was purchased so that the children could carry out physics and chemistry experiments. Otherwise our support is aimed at paying the salaries of the 12 full-time teachers plus any additional teacher for specialization courses.

Guinea Bissau – Support for the Students

In Guinea Bissau, at Bissau, Mansoa and Bissorà, we support...

a project that is on-going in each of 3 centres of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate: to help deserving students to complete their studies. There are about a dozen students and they are provided with teaching aids, help with transport and, in cases where the students stay with relatives without adequate means, also board costs.

Papua New Guinea – Education for Girls

At Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea, the...
Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate run a centre where they offer the possibility of studying at college for a large number of girls. Our contribution, through the Amici delle Missionarie dell’Immacolata (Friends of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate), is aimed at financing the studies and maintenance of 10 of these girls who attend X and XI classes.

Papua Nuova Guinea – Scholarships

At Watuluma, a small missionary on Goodenough...

Island, in Papua New Guinea, through the Amici delle Missionarie dell’Immacolata (Friends of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate) we make a contribution to the Santa Maria Secondary School, Watuluma, by financing the higher education studies for about 25 students who wish to continue their studies after completion of XII class.

Italy – After-school Support

In Sesto San Giovanni, on the outskirts of Milan, the...

Passo dopo passo insieme Association (Step after step together) runs a centre dedicated to constructive training, study motivation, raising awareness in the area, aimed at families, schools, parishes and companies. They teach young people how to study better even though not inclined and advise families on the correct approach as regards their children’s studies. Although we have no direct experience of the association’s work, but knowing that high opinions are reported, we make a small contribution so they can continue their work.

Syria – Everyone at school!

At Azeir, in Syria, on the border with the...
Lebanon, the Trappist nuns are operating five projects for aid to the population torn apart by war. We accepted to sponsor one project, even though all five are extremely interesting. “Everyone at school” is aimed at providing support for school expenses, which are a considerable part of the family budget. Our contribution was assigned to 55 elementary school children, 25 secondary school children, 10 high school children and 14 university students so that they were able to buy shoes, trousers, shirts twice a year, rucksacks, exercise books and pens. It also included support for travel expenses to the village for secondary and high school children, and to town for the university students.
This project was supposed to be part of the ongoing projects, but due to communication difficulties with the Sisters on site, it was only implemented for the year 2022.

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