New Projects

Complete renovation of the school

India – Mundgod refugee camp (Karnataka)

The Mundgod school, which takes in more than...

600 pupils, is a true campus, with living quarters for girls and boys, and classes from nursery school to class XII. It is in a very poor state, many of the buildings are falling into ruin, many still have asbestos roofing, only a few have already been renovated. Little by little the association hopes to be able to rebuild all the buildings that are beyond repair and renovate those that are less damaged. A generous private sponsor took the project to heart and offered to finance the rebuilding of the physics, chemistry and biology laboratories and of the library for 465 students in 2020. Work has finally been started after the long Indian lockdown. We hope to finalize the construction of this building in 2021.

Purchase of School Bus

India – Lugsung Samdupling and Mundgod Refugee Camp (Karnataka)

The two refugee camps at Mundgod and...

Bylakuppe asked us to finance the purchase of a school bus for transport of students for each camp.

Replacing roof of the Agricultural Cooperative

India – Gurupura refugee Camp at Hunsur (Karnaraka)

The Agricultural Cooperative of Gurupura requested our...

aid to replace the roof covering the workshop, the garage with the tractors, the offices and the water treatment plant (which we built in 2006). Most of the roofs are in asbestos and are also very badly damaged with leaks when it rains, thus with the risk of short circuits.

Dreinage around the school

India – Lobsering refugee Camp (Orissa)

The Lobsering School, with 66 pupils and 8...

teachers, urgently needs to build a drainage system for the waters around the school buildings to avoid the heavy monsoon rains damaging the class room floors, the playground and sports field.

Renovation of the Tso-Jhe hospital

India – Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The Tso-Jhe hospital at Lugsung, founded in...
1982, with a staff of 28 doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaning and administrative staff, serves a population of 30,000 people, 20,000 Tibetans and 10,000 Indians. After nearly 40 years of service it needs many improvements: new living quarters for resident staff, renovation of various wards, extension of the ambulance garage, water-proofing and general repainting. The Italian Buddhist Union (UBI) has declared they are willing to finance this important project. Details of the project have already been approved and work will commence shortly.

Kitchen equipment for the School

India – Phuntsokling refugee Camp (Orissa)

The Chandragiri school, in Orissa, which has 107 pupils and...

18 teachers, needs a new gas stove, a new gas cylinder and other various kitchen utensils. A modest donation from the Muzzano municipality enabled us to carry out this project.

Renovation of the School

India – Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The situation at Gulladhalla school, in camp number 5, is...

truly dramatic: the canteen has already been inaccessible for several months due to the far too many cracks in the roof, also the upper floor of the school building has many cracks. We were asked to construct a new building to house the canteen, kitchen and caretaker’s room, as well as repairing the cracks in the school building.

Extension of the Old People’s Home

India – Clement Town Refugee Camp in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

We are sentimentally very attached to the old...

people’s home in Clement Town (Dehradun) and after the rebuilding in 2019, which was absolutely essential, they reported that it was really necessary to add some more rooms. We were happy to accept this project and, after consulting with the people responsible locally to identify the needs of the elderly, we added a community and prayer room to the original project, and also bathrooms specifically designed for elderly people.

New bathrooms

India – Paonta Sahib Refugee Camp (Himachal Pradesh)

In the small but much loved camp at Paonta...
Sahib, we accepted a project to provide bathrooms near the prayer room where the residents meet daily.

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