New Projects

Housing projects

India – TDL refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Following a meeting with the Home Affairs minister, who...

indicated what were the priorities, it was decided to carry out the housing project at Bylakuppe. The project is in favour of six people living in houses that are in terrible condition, with cracks in the walls, water infiltration during the monsoon season, and unsafe roofing, and thanks to this project they will be able to live in a dignified and safe place via  renovation, in two cases new roofing, and in one case complete renewal of the sanitary installations.

Bhandara hospital

India – Norgyeling refugee camp at Bhandara (Maharashtra)

The Norgyeling Tibetan refugee camp is located at...

Bhandara, in the heart of India. The refugees survive with the cultivation of rice and with the production of wool sweaters in winter. The local hospital has never been renovated since it was built, soon after the arrival of the first refugees. In accordance with the request of the Minister of Health we decided to offer our support for a project that is divided into three parts:

  • Purchase of medical and nursing equipment, i.e., 2 special chairs for the emergency room, a trolley for drugs and medication, 1 electrocardiogram apparatus, 1 fire extinguisher, 2 first aid boxes, 1 table for the emergency room, etc.
  • Renovation and white washing of the hospital
  • Purchase of 4 beds with mattresses, 2 tables and 2 chairs for the staff living quarters

Canteen and kitchen for the school

India – Lugsung refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The Gulladhalla school, in the refugee camp at...

Bylakuppe, urgently needs renovation work. The most urgent is to build a canteen with kitchen annexed because the previous one had to be demolished as it was unsafe and dangerous. At present the children eat on the ground under the porch and all group activities (the canteen also functioned as a multipurpose room) are seriously limited due to lack of space. We were very happy to accept this project since we strongly believe in the importance of education and the possibility of delivering it in a healthy and safe environment.

New roofing for the school

India – Lugsung refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The Arlikumari school in the Lugsung refugee camp...

at Bylakuppe also needs renovation. We accepted the project that was proposed to raise the last floor, install a sheet metal roof to protect from monsoons, and paint the classroom walls.

Renovation of the Tso-Jhe hospital

India – Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The Tso-Jhe hospital at Lugsung, founded in...
1982, with a staff of 28 doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaning and administrative staff, serves a population of 30,000 people, 20,000 Tibetans and 10,000 Indians. After nearly 40 years of service it needs many improvements: new living quarters for resident staff, renovation of various wards, extension of the ambulance garage, water-proofing and general repainting. The Italian Buddhist Union (UBI) has declared they are willing to finance this important project. Details of the project have already been approved and work will commence shortly.

Matrasses and minor jobs

India – TDL refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The Chowkur student hostel, in the TDL refugee camp...

at Bylakuppe, urgently needs renovation. We started by purchasing new mattresses: heartfelt thanks to all those who responded to our appeal on social media, your generosity enabled us to purchase 50 mattresses and 50 mattress covers. Renovation of the hostel also includes the purchase and installation of grating so as to avoid vagabonds and drunks from entering the girls’ rooms, as well as new guttering to replace the most damaged parts.

Gurupura hospital

India – Gurupura refugee camp (Karnataka)

Also for the Gurupura hospital in 2022 we have...

planned to purchase two medical instruments: iChroma II and I Chamber-kin, instruments for diagnosis of infections, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, kidney damage and cancer.

Other small projects

India – Various refugee camps

Other small projects that we have taken on...


  • A generator for the recreation area of TDL camp at Bylakuppe;
  • Solar street lamps for the staff quarters at Mundgod, to avoid what has already happened, i.e., staff being bitten by vipers;
  • Renovation of the staff quarters at Miao hospital;
  • Replacement of roofing of B infant school at Gurupura and painting the walls;
  • Purchase of an air conditioner and an inverter for Paonta hospital;
  • Building a new house for Rimzin Tsomo, at Mundgod.

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