Renovation of Library

India – Mussoorie, Dikiyling (Uttarakand)


A dear friend of ours who accompanied us on one of...
our trips was fascinated by the Tibetan Homes Foundation in Dikyiling. She was very well impressed by the school and was delighted to devolve the proceeds of the sale of her book of photos “Nah-Mas-Tey Tashi Delek”  to the renovation of the library.

Renovation of the Nursery School

India – Gurupura refugee camp at Hunsur (Karnataka)

In 2018, we installed new bathrooms and renovated...
the kitchen at nursery school A at Gurupura. This year, thanks to a couple of faithful friends, we were finally able to re-do the roof, which was urgently in need. It was also possible to re-paint the class rooms and level the ground of the play area.

New Flooring of the Canteen

India – Gurupura refugee camp at Hunsur (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the G. & G, Ambrosoli Foundation

The canteen of the school in Gurupura, which we renovated...

in 2015 with funds donated by the G. & G. Ambrosoli Foundation, suffered attacks by rodents that dug a tunnel under the floor, which was severely damaged. The foundation accepted to finance a new floor, installation of a grating in the ground to protect from rodents, and tiling on the walls up to 1.5 metres, plus other improvements where necessary.

Purchase of Open Air Games

India – Lugsung Samdupling refugee camps at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the Rotary Club di Geneva

The Rotary Club of Geneva financed the purchase...

and installation of open air games at the Kailashpura nursery school at Bylakuppe.

Purchase of Tables and Chairs for the Canteen

India – Lugsung Samdupling refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the G. & G. Ambrosoli Foundation

Last year the Ambrosoli Foundation financed the...

construction of a canteen for the STS school in Lugsung. This year they finalized the project by purchasing tables and chairs. Both the canteen and the furniture were immediately put to use for organizing the exams observing the social distancing rules.

Purchase of Solar Panels for the Hospital

India – Mainpat refugee camp (Chhattisgarth)

The hospital at Mainpat (a small rural village...

in the state of Chhattisgarth), serves 7 camps and a monastery. The frequent electricity blackouts created severe problems. Thanks to the help of a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, we were able to sponsor the purchase of the solar panel requested.

Renovation of the School

India – Mainpat refugee camp (Chhattisgarth)

Project sponsored by the GAB Charity Foundation


Mainpat is a small village in the state of Chhattisgarth, central...

India, located in a remote and rather backward area as regards facilities, transport, economy. The main resources of the Tibetan refugees in this camp are the sweater business and agriculture. The school has 64 pupils and 11 teaching and administrative staff. After 53 years of Indian management the school was in a very poor condition. We were asked to provide a sheet metal roof and repaint the class rooms. Due to the very long lockdown in India, work was started only recently and should be completed by the first few months of 2021.

Purchase of equipment

India – Ngoenga School/Residence in Dehradun (Uttarakand)


Up to now we had turned our attention above all to renovating...

the structure of the school/residence in Ngoenga for disabled children. This small project was directly aimed at giving the residents some benefits. We purchased: two wheelchairs, one of them electric; a computer as a teaching aid; a microphone, amplifier, costumes and everything else needed for the little shows the children put on; pillows and orthopaedic equipment; special foam rubber tiles for the physiotherapy room.

Renovation of the Physiotherapy Room

India –Ngoenga school/resdence in Dehradun (Uttarakand)


With the proceeds of our sales, we were able...

to finance the renovation and improvement of the physiotherapy room at the Ngoenga school/residence for disabled children. The air is now less humid and more healthy and more appropriate for the daily treatment the children undergo.

Purchase and Installation of Street Lamps

India – Chokur refugee camp in TDL, Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the Arpe Foundation

The Arpe Foundation accepted financing the...

purchase and installation of street lamps to illuminate the lanes and alleyways of the village of Chokur, a small and isolated camp that was often forgotten.

Roof covering of the CVP school

India – TDL (Tibetan Dickey Larsoe) refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the Arpe Foundation

The Arpe Foundation also accepted to finance a...

sheet metal roof covering for the last building of the CVP school in Bylakuppe. We took advantage of the “work in progress” situation to repaint the class rooms that had been badly damaged by the monsoon rains.

Paving around the School Courtyard

India – TDL (Tibetan Dickey Larsoe) refugee camp at Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the Arpe Foundation

The Arpe Foundation approved the project to lay...

paving all around the perimeter of the vast playground of the CVP school in Bylakuppe. The aim was to prevent snakes hiding in the grass and so avoid children being bitten by snakes they could not see.

Purchase of a Scooter for the Hospital

India – Tsopema hospital (Himachal Pradesh)

This small project, that was already important before...

the pandemic, afterwards became vital and essential. Not only does it enable nurses to visit the sick in their homes in remote areas but they can also do so without the risk of contagion travelling on the unreliable public transport.
Tsopema, Pondoh and Mandi are 3 refugee camps in the Rawalsar disctrict (state of Himachal Pradesh). This small hospital in Tsopema is the only one in the area and the nurses had to travel several hours to reach the other camps.

Food distribution for the poor

India – Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

A small contribution for those who suffered hunger...

 due to the pandemic. Through Michael Hubert, our friend in Chennai who is extremely active in providing aid for the poor people, bags of essential food stuffs were distributed.

Purchase of two Noodle Machines

India – Mussoorie, Dikyiling (Uttarakhand)

Another small project in favour of the...

Tibetan Homes Foundation in Dikyiling was the purchase of two machines to make noodles, which are the main ingredient of the daily meals for pupils and teachers.

New Sanitary Installations

India – Chokur refugee camp in TDL, Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Tenzin Palzom’s family consists of herself and her three...

children (the eldest unfortunately died at the end of 2019), and her mother aged 95. Tenzin Palzon arrived in India fleeing from Tibet when she was 5 years old and maintains her family with the sale of the produce of her small piece of land. Her elderly mother who is not in good health is no longer able to use the present toilets, which are Indian style. In addition, the cesspit was damaged and not deep enough. We happily accepted to fund new toilets, “European” style.

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