India – Support for the old people’s home

In 5 refugee camps in India we support the elderly...
who live in the old people’s homes. In practice, we purchase medicines, wheel chairs, mattresses and blankets, plus installation of solar panels to avoid the inconvenience of electricity cuts for 8 hours a day. In cases of urgent need we repair and renovate buildings. Since 2012 we also support the home in Lugsung, Bylakuppe, which gives shelter to 47 old people who need constant medical attention.
•  Miao – 16 old people
•  Mundgod – 103 old people
•  Gurupura – 27 old people
•  Kollegal – 24 old people
•  Lugsung – 47 old people

India – Kera Kurd Institute

The Kera Kurd institute, in the north-west outskirts...
of Delhi, is run by Indian nuns who belong to the order of the Sisters of the Destitute. Here the nuns give shelter and take care of mentally ill women, most of whom have been brought in by the police, who found them astray in the streets with no memory of where they came from or who they are. Our contribution partially helps these Sisters meet the very high costs involved.

Guinea Bissau – Vehicles Maintenance

In the three missionaries in Guinea Bissau: Bissau, Mansoa...
and Bissora the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate visit the surrounding villages every week to check on nutrition levels, after-school activities for children and training for women, sometimes even more frequently to take sick people to the hospital in town. The roads are in terrible conditions, full of holes, consequently transport vehicles undergo extremely harsh treatment and are often under repair. The Vimala Association supports the annual maintenance costs and also the fuel requirements of these vehicles.

India – Payment of Lodging Rents

During our visits, we found that many people were...
living in very poor conditions in unsafe rooms. So we decided to pay the rent of four rooms for three elderly nuns and a deaf and dumb girl living alone, thus providing them with a dignified style of life.
As of 2023 this project is taken over by the Vimala Association – Italy

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