Mumbai Children

The sponsorship of children from Versova on the outskirts of Mumbai was initiated in 1986, when Annabella took under her protective wing the first of our children. Within the space of a very few years, by word of mouth among friends, a remarkable number of “adopted” beneficiaries has been reached: we are currently sponsoring about 650 children with their studies but over the years certainly more than 2,500 have been helped.

We work in close collaboration with the Friends of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate, who created and carried this project forward. The children needing our help are selected by the paramedical staff at the hospital in Versova who follow them from the first classes of nursery school until the end of their studies and supply us with annual reports.

On this basis the voluntary workers who go to Mumbai every October and see first hand the cases most in need of sponsorship, check the information is true and correct, try to understand the reasons for any difficulties encountered in studying and personally congratulate the most outstanding pupils.

How it works

Once a year we send the sponsors a photograph of the child together with his/her latest news and information on his/her family, a school report, a letter from the child or a drawing (if the child is too young to write) and a newsletter from the Association giving a summary of the activities carried out throughout the year.

What it costs

A minimum donation for yearly sponsorship is required. The money sent is part of a wider project and is managed with the care and wisdom of a good “head of the family”, who is attentive to the needs of those in his care as the occasion arises.

For further information about sponsorship of an Indian child please contact Mimmi Guglielmone or Marie Christine De Werra.




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