India – School canteens

We make a contribution to improve the daily meals...

offered in the canteens of nursery, primary schools and monasteries in the following refugee camps in the various States of India:

•  Lugsung Samdubling (Karnataka) 900 children
•  TDL Tibetan Dickey Larsoe (Karnataka) 350 children
•  Kollegal (Karnataka) 400 children
•  Gurupura (Karnataka) 400 children
•  Tashi Lumpo monastero (Karnataka) 350 monks
•  Miao (Arunachal Pradesh) 500 children
•  Miao (Arunachal Pradesh) 16 old people
and for 300 children of the school run by the Sisters of the Destitute in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh).

Rice and lentils alone are not sufficient nourishment: we have added fruit, raw vegetables and eggs to the menus.

As of 2023, the canteens of the Tibetan schools are taken over by the Vimala Association – Italy, Vimala Association – Switzerland continues to support the school canteen in Ghaziabad

India – Special diet for TB patients

Vimala Association has undertaken to give annual support...
to the nutrition programme for tuberculosis patients in Bylakuppe, providing an appropriate diet for patients in the isolation wards.
As of 2023 this project is taken over by the Vimala Association – Italy

Guinea Bissau – Nutrition Centre

In Guinea Bissau, a small country in West Africa, the infant...

mortality rate is extremely high (10% of newborn babies die before the age of one, and a further 10% do not reach the age of five). More than a third of infant mortality is due to malnutrition, thus increasing mortality among infants suffering from ailments such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.
The nuns of the “Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate” set up a project in the towns of Mansoa and Bissorà, to which we contribute, to assist twins, orphans and many children whose mothers have AIDS. Every two weeks the Sisters meet mothers and children to give them milk and drugs and take the opportunity for the mothers to participate in a training course on nutrition, hygiene and breast feeding. At Bissorà there is a small group of mothers who are seropositive so they are given specific training. Unfortunately, due to the poor level of health care in State hospitals many mothers and babies die during childbirth The centres run by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate take in more than 500 infants. Every month the Sisters make the journey to the most outlying villages to check the weight of the babies, give training courses and checking the health of mothers and babies.
Our contribution serves to buy both Guigoz milk for the newborn and ordinary milk for the slightly older children, medicines and sometimes rice and sugar. Here milk is extremely scarce and very expensive.

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