Dentist’s chair

India – Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

At last we have a dental surgery with suitable...
equipment and staff also in the Tso-Jeh Hospital in Bylakuppe, the largest Tibetan refugee camp. For some years we had been looking for a dentist who would accept working in Bylakuppe and in 2017 we found a very competent young lady dentist, Tashi Tsomo, who is enthusiastic about the place and the challenge of working in a small hospital in a refugee camp. We deemed it necessary to purchase a new dentist’s chair and we undertook to pay half of Tashi Tsomo’s salary.

Purchase of a bus

India – Jeevan Dhara Insitute at Gaziabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Project sponsored by G. & G. Ambrosoli Foundation

The Jeevandhara Institute in Ghaziabad run by the...
Sisters of the Destitute takes care of about 70 girls with serious physical handicaps. To go to school the girls really need efficient and suitable transport, and thanks to sponsorship by the G. & G. Ambrosoli Foundation we were able to replace the old bus that was already non compliant with regulations and too costly to repair and maintain. Heartfelt thanks!

Renovation of the canteen

India – Ngoenga hostel/school in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

The building where the canteen and kitchen of the...
Ngoenga School/residence for disabled children at Dehradun are located was completely repainted and tiled up to a height of 1.5 metres, which will also facilitate keeping the walls cleaner and more hygienic.

Floor tiling

India – Ngoenga hostel/school in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

Project sponsored by GAB Charity Foundation

The tiling of the play area and the central courtyard...
of the Ngoenga school/residence for disabled children at Dehradun was indispensable to enable free movement of wheel chairs and other mechanical aids, as well as to protect the paving from monsoon floods. Financial aid from the GAB Charity Foundation enabled us to carry out this major intervention. Heartfelt thanks!

Purchase of two industrial washing machines

India – Ngoenga hostel/school in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

For the Ngoenga school/residence for disabled...

 children at Dehradun we purchased two industrial washing machines, installed in a small room purposely built, that meets all the laundry needs of staff and children.

Purchase of two wheel chairs

India – Ngoenga hostel/school in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

The twin girls staying at the Ngoenga School/residence...

 (near Dehradun) for Tibetan children with physical handicaps suffer from Sjégren Larsson’s syndrome, a rare skin and nervous disease caused by a congenital error in the metabolism of lipids. The disease manifests with congenital ichthyosis and spasticity which means that the children have a short and difficult life. Nonetheless, the children grow and it became urgent to have new wheel chairs for them. A plea to friends and relatives was most successful and we were able immediately to purchase two brand new red wheel chairs, plus we can also buy two more for other children. A thousand thanks!

Installation of a handrail

India – Ngoenga hostel/school in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

Of the many interventions that are necessary to improve the...

daily lives of the little residents of the Ngoenga School/residence (near Dehradun), we installed a handrail along the covered passageway leading from the bedrooms to the canteen. This enables the children to be less dependent on someone accompanying them.

Water filters for nine nursery schools

India – Mundgod Refugee Camp (Karnataka)

A small great project is purification of the...

water, which is indispensable to prevent various diseases: from small gastro-intestinal disorders to typhoid fever. After the last request for water filters in three schools in Mundgod we launched an appeal to your generosity via Facebook with an overwhelming response!
A thousand thanks!

Purchase of Montessori teaching aids

India – Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Project sponsored by the Montessori school in Vésenaz

During our visit to Lugsung refugee camp in...

Bylakuppe, we saw children who were already studying with the new Montessori teaching material for which the Montessori school in Vésenaz collected funds.
The teachers of the Swiss school organized a small sale in favor of this project and a race with the pupils, for each kilometer covered, they received an amount, which was paid to our association.
This twinning between Montessori schools in Lugsung that we are following and Vésenaz was exciting, it made young ones and old ones happy on both continents and we hope to be able to renew other fraternity projects.

Contribution to the nursery school

Brazil – Macapà

For eight years we followed the Maria Imaculada...
nursery school as a permanent project, dedicating our contribution to the purchase of food for the children’s meals and minor maintenance works in the building. In 2017 the project became self-supporting so we directed our aid to other projects.

Renovation of the nursery school and playgrounds

India – Paonta Sahib refugee camp (Himachal Pradesh)

The urgency of the year was the renovation of the nursery...
schools and other schools in the Tibetan refugee camps so as to eliminate asbestos. Following the success of the work done in the three nursery schools in Bylakuppe, we were able to start renovation work on the Paonta nursery school, which was a project that we had been asked to carry out for some time but was also rather onerous because it implied complete renovation of the building and outside premises. We are extremely proud to have been able to help this camp, which is very poor and rather forgotten because it is off the beaten track, and where there is still a lot we could do.

Renovation of three nursery schools

India – Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The urgent work in 2017 was the renovation of the nursery...

schools and other schools in the Tibetan Refugee camps in order to eliminate asbestos. The appeal we made over the year to find funds for such important projects was covered by a foundation and many private donors. Such generosity enabled us to renovate three nursery schools in the refugee camps in Bylakuppe: Arlikumari, Gullathalla and Kailashpura. The projects were completed successfully and in one nursery school we also renovated and made safe the open playground.

Extension of the nursery school

India – Miao Refugee Camp – (Arunachal Pradesh)

Project sponsored by G. & G. Ambrosoli Foundation

In spite of its isolation compared to most of the...

other Tibetan Refugee camps, the nursery school at Miao needed an extension, due to the increased population. Thanks to sponsorship by the G. & G. Ambrosoli Foundation we were able to enlarge the classrooms so as to protect the children from monsoon rains, otherwise they would have had to study in the open. We also purchased new games for the open air when the weather is better.

Renovation of wards for tuberculosis patients

India – Dekyiling Hospital at Dehradun (Uttarakand)

A very important project was the installation of a….

metal sheet roofing to protect against monsoon rains, tiling the walls up to 150 cm from the ground, painting all the wards, renovation of sanitary installations, repair and maintenance of doors and windows and the construction of a tower for the new water tank that we had purchased.

Purchase of water filters

India – Kollegal Refugee Camp (Karnataka)

Purchase of a water filter for the old people’s home.

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