Renovation of Tso-Jhe hospital

India- Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Sponsored by UBI-Italian Buddhist Union

The Tso-Jhe hospital in Lugsung, founded in 1982, with...

a staff of 28 doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners and management personnel, serves a population of 30,000 people, 20,000 Tibetans and 10,000 Indians.
After more than 40 years of service it is in need of many improvements: new accommodation for the resident staff, renovation of several wards, extension of the ambulance garage, waterproofing and general painting.
The Italian Buddhist Union, our faithful and very generous sponsor, agreed to take charge of the project and also to carry out all the repairs and improvements that the wear and tear of time had made necessary.

Supporting the monastery

India- Lugsung Samdupling Refugee Camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Sponsored by UBI-Italian Buddhist Union

The Sakya Monastery of Lugsung asked us...

for financial help to start an avocado cultivation, and once again the generosity of UBI-Italian Buddhist Union, allowed us to fulfil their wish.

Mattresses for the hostel

India- TDL refugee camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Thanks to the great generosity of all our friends...

and supporters, who always turn up with their hearts in their hands when we ask them for help on social media, we were able to buy new mattresses for the hostel in Chowkur and also make some much-needed minor repairs.


Reconstruction of a bridge

India- TDL refugee camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The bridge of a road connecting two camp...

 in Bylakuppe was unsound and dangerous. We agreed to sponsor its reconstruction.

New home for Rinzin Tsomo

India – Mundgod refugee camp (Karnataka)


Rinzin Tsomo, a destitute elderly widow, had...

asked us for help to renovate her house, which was in very poor condition. In the inspection before starting the work, it was seen that the structure was too battered and that it would be more prudent and fairer to rebuild from scratch.

Ambulance to Vimala Hospital

India – Mumbai (Maharashtra)

An urgent request from the Missionary Sisters...

of the Immaculate for their Hansen’s disease hospital in Versova, Mumbai, was the purchase of an ambulance. In cooperation with the Friends of the Missionaries of the Immaculate we sponsored the new ambulance.

New roof for the kindergarden

India – Gurupura Refugee Camp in Hunsur (Karnataka)

Thanks to the generous donation of our friends...

Giovanna and Gianandrea, we were able to finish the renovation of the kindergarten in Gurupura, which began in 2018 with the renovation of classrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. This year it was the turn of the roof.

Gifts and food

India – Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Through the Chennai association...

Shabnam Resources we sponsored food for the poor and gifts for children on two festive occasions.

Accessories and pizza

India – Ngoenga school/residence in Dehradun (Uttarakand)


The children at the school in Ngoenga need...

many things, and we slowly try to help them as much as we can. This year we bought a lot of small necessities and to celebrate, we offered pizza to everyone, children and staff alike!

Purchase of a generator

India – TDL refugee camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

The TDL boys have founded a sports club...

 that currently has more than 500 members. Every Friday they organise dances and shows, but frequent power cuts make it very difficult to carry out these activities. Certain that any activity that can entertain young people sportingly and collegially while keeping them away from drugs and other problems is a priority, we were happy to sponsor the purchase of a generator.

Solar lights

India – TDL refugee camp in Bylakuppe (Karnataka)

Camp number 16 of TDL consists of 38...

houses with a total of 200 people. It is located 35 kilometres from the central office and is very isolated. At nightfall, the roads were totally dark, which made it easier for cattle thieves to gain access, and the population was afraid to go out at night. They asked us for help and we were happy to sponsor the purchase and installation of streetlights. The villagers contributed just under 20%.

Solar lights

India – Mundgod Refugee Camp (Karnataka)

The hospital complex in Mundgod at...

 nightfall was dark and very dangerous, so much so that recently a nurse had been bitten by a snake she had not seen. We therefore accepted their request to sponsor the purchase and installation of 18 streetlights.

Solar water heater

India – Clement Town in Dehradun (Uttarakand)


The headmaster of the Kyitselling school...

in Clement Town asked us to help them buy a new solar water heater for the boys’ hostel as the current one was in very poor condition and the boys were struggling to wash themselves and their clothes in the cold water during the winter.

Solar water heater

India – Clement Town in Dehradun (Uttarakand)

Once the construction of the first floor...

of the home for the elderly was completed, we still sponsored the purchase and installation of a solar water heater. The winters in Dehradun are very cold and the elderly are happy to be able to wash with hot water.

Medical Equipment

India – Several refugee camps

The Tibetan Department of Health asked us...

 for some small interventions in the hospitals of several refugee camps: the renovation of staff quarters for the hospital in Miao and the one in Bhandara, the purchase of an electrocardiograph and an electrolyte analyser for the hospital in Gurupura, and the purchase of first aid equipment for the hospital in Bhandara.

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